“I’m getting married in 6 months!” “I want a dreamy, magical wedding” “I want my guests to say that my wedding was the best wedding they ever attended!” “Where do I begin?” Do these questions sound familiar? Don’t worry. Help is at hand! The Asian wedding industry has various specialists available to help you design your events and execute them with seamless perfection. bonusy bukmacherskie

My name is Rina and I am a creative design consultant specialising in Asian weddings. Many Asian brides ask me, what that means and what type of help may be useful when they are planning and executing their dream wedding. Here’s my low-down on various types of support available and why you may want to consider employing certain individuals to be part of  your ‘Asian wedding team’.

Asian Wedding Planners

Planners are ‘organisers’. They help you to ensure your wedding runs smoothly and on time. A planner can help you organise the schedules, source suppliers, negotiate prices, manage budgets, manage the venue and organise the logistics of your big day.

Planners also help you to source reliable suppliers which align with your budget and vision for your Asian Wedding. It’s important to remember that planners aren’t there to make sure you get the cheapest deals but they will ensure that you’re getting value for money.

Ideally, your wedding planner will have certain character traits and look out for these when booking. They’ll be calm, collected, quick on their feet, organised, responsive, diplomatic, resourceful, and knowledgeable and a good problem solver.

Asian Wedding Stylists

Stylists are  the ‘creative’ people. Stylists will help you to make your vision a reality. They are the ideas people who will steer you on choosing outfits, décor, stationary, themes, colours, flowers and anything else ‘pretty’ that is needed to create a visual wow factor for your big day.

If you bring on a stylist from the outset, the stylist can help to ensure that everything on your wedding day fits into your chosen theme and reflects your personality and the dreams you’ve carried all these years!

The creative element of an Asian wedding stylist often stems from personal skill-sets that they already have e.g. they may have skills in hair and beauty or floristry. It’s important to explore this with your stylist if you do want them to be hands-on and help to you not only design but also create.

Stylists can be hired throughout the planning process but are typically sought at the earlier stages when the couple require inspiration or have ideas and don’t know how to bring it all together to make the day special and memorable.

Combined Skills

You may actually find that your Asian wedding planner is also a great wedding stylist. Since they’re working in the Asian wedding industry every day, they will pick up many creative ideas. However, if it’s important for your planner to also have stylist skills, make sure you ask the question. Some planners may not have the creative edge and stylists may not be ideal at managing your vendors and event(s).

Do I really need a  wedding planner and/or stylist?

That’s entirely your call and many couples will forego both of these options when they put together their ‘wedding team’. The primary benefit of adding a ‘planner’ or a ‘stylist’ is to ensure you have someone available who can help you when you’re too busy, or stuck for inspiration, or don’t have the time to research and coordinate the various aspects of your Asian wedding.

In essence, if some of the statements below describe how you feel, it might be worth exploring the option of hiring a wedding planner/stylist:

  1. I don’t have any time to bring my vision for my Asian wedding together
  2. I have so many different ideas but I don’t know what will work well logistically for my wedding
  3. I won’t be there to orchestrate the wedding on the day and can’t rely on my friends and family to execute my wedding as I want it
  4. I don’t know where to start with the planning of my wedding
  5. I wonder where I should go to source the key vendors for my Asian wedding