After your magical proposal comes the conundrum of setting your Asian wedding date. This will be the first of many decisions you and your future spouse will have to make leading up to the “Big Day”

For some this is not a long process, especially if you decide on getting married on your anniversary, Valentine’s day, Christmas or New Years eve. However, for those of you who do not want to get married on these specific dates there are many factors to consider, so here is a simple guide to help you through this process of setting your Asian wedding date. escorts near me

Destination: Would you like a lavish affair in your native country? Have a glamorous Asian wedding here in London, country chic with beautiful views in a stately home? Or a whimsical beach wedding on a stunning island in the Caribbean? 

Season: Pick a season you would like to get married in according to the destination (if applicable). Would you like colourful Spring/Summer Asian wedding or a have you been dreaming of a Winter wonderland Asian wedding? How about a cozy Autumn Asian wedding with rich colours?

Note: Always research weather patterns of your chosen destination when picking the season i.e India or other Asian countries avoid monsoon season, if it’s the Caribbean avoid the hurricane season, London you will have to say a little prayer!

Venue availability: If you have an Asian wedding venue/venues in mind, check availability and coordinate between dates and timings if you are considering having two different venues for the ceremony and reception. Popular venues are sometimes booked up two years in advance specially during summer wedding season. Sometimes avoiding the popular wedding season when setting your wedding date will give you more flexibility and possibly be slightly cheaper leaving you more money to create and design a truly magical evening.

Work holidays: Work out together the best time to take off, avoiding busy periods and major projects. Also, work out how long you can both take off as you need to consider the days leading up to the wedding (specially if you don’t have a wedding planner) and after for your honeymoon. 

National and popular holidays: Setting your Asian wedding date around holidays might be convenient for you and your guests. However, there are few factors to consider:

–  Availability of the Asian wedding venue/venues as these are popular dates for Asian weddings.
–  Travel disruptions i.e If in London consider road closures for any events and so on.

National and religious events: According to Hindu tradition the lunar fortnight of “Shraadh” should be avoided for any auspicious work such as getting married or any birth ceremonies etc

Also, avoid setting your wedding date around Diwali, Ramadan or any other religious events as some venues will be booked up for Dinner and Dance nights.

Note: Any dates of Royal engagements in the city should be avoided as well, i.e. Travel disruptions caused during the Jubilee and the Royal wedding.

Sports: Bewareof setting your Asian wedding date around any sporting events. The last thing you need is your Asian wedding party emptying in to the bar area congregating around the tv or the nearest sports bar/pub to watch the cricket, Olympics, Wimbledon etc..

So there you have it, a few factors to consider when setting your Asian wedding date. Just sit back with a lovely glass of wine or a cup of tea, use our advise and start discussing!