There’s no two ways about it, every Asian Bride needs one, no matter how organised she is or how wonderful her Asian Wedding Planner is.

We are of course talking about your bridal emergency kit and it should be your bridesmaid’s job to ensure that it is packed and makes it’s way to the wedding venue. So what exactly should a bridal emergency kit include? Here’s our rough guide:

  • mini sewing kit with scissors, needle, threads (that match your lengha or saree), extra buttons, safety pins, etc
  • Scissors: There’s always something that needs cutting, whether it be loose threads or the price tag left on a lengha or sherwani.
  • Super glue – very handy if your high heels break right as you are walking into your ceremony or reception
  • Hair stuff, bobby pins, hair spray, hair brush and the like.
  • Stain remover: With wine, champagne, wedding cake and that wonderful Asian wedding catering making their way into some very clumsy hands, this should hopefully need no explanation
  • Something for headaches: Paracetamol, Aspirin or your private head masseuse — whatever works for you when that stress headache rears it’s ugly head.
  • USB drive: A usb memory stick drive with files of all your important documents — speeches, vows, schedules, supplier contacts etc.
  • Mouth wash, chewing gum and deoderant to keep you fresh throughout the day
  • Makeup kit – ask your Asian makeup artist to prepare a top up kit in case your makeup needs retouching after she leaves
  • Mobile phone charger – last but definitely not least!

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