If there’s one thing that defines contemporary British Asian wedding it’s originality. Asian Brides are becoming more and more discerning and creative and rejecting ideas that are “samey” and run of the mill, ensuring that their weddings bear a stamp of originality – and rightly so.

Whilst Asian Brides and Grooms are increasingly spoilt for choice with many aspects of their wedding, desserts have remained a terrain characterised by a lack of imagination with many couples (and wedding guests) bemoaning the standardised choices on offer.

Spotting a niche in the market for unique desserts for Asian weddings, Gopi Patel -owner of The Indian Dessert Company- has come up trumps with a unique range of fusion desserts that incorporate western flavours with an Indian twist and has already been a hit with brides to be.

As a Wedding Planner Gopi observed that many brides lamented the restricted dessert options presented to them by their wedding caterers – usually Gajjar Halwa or Kulfi! She observed that Asians brought up in the UK, had acquired a taste for european desserts like cheesecake, ice cream and tarts, yet also had a taste for the flavours used in Indian sweets.

Taking the best of both worlds, she has created a luxury dessert concept for Asian Weddings that focuses entirely on Eastern-Western fusion desserts; Says Gopi “The Indian Dessert Company works with classic English recipes and evolves them with flair in order to provide the bride and groom more variety and personality to their wedding menu” – Explains Gopi- “For those who want a wedding menu with a wow factor, a contemporary dessert with an Indian twist from the Indian Dessert Company is the way to go”.

The heart and soul of “The Indian Dessert Company” is that Asian twist infused into classic English desserts. Some of their signature creations include Cardamom cheesecake with ginger or rose syrup, Chocolate covered Coconut Jamuns, Chocolate and orange spiced tarts and Coconut lime granita with coconut snaps

The Indian Dessert Company will also work with individual requests to create bespoke desserts that match brides and grooms personal tastes: As long as the request is innovative, unique and goes along with the ethos of the company, Gopi where possible, tailors her sweet creations to her clients needs.

Apart from her original approach to the Indian sweets cuisine, The Indian Dessert Company’s appeal lies in their ingredients and their ability to cater different Asian dietary restrictions. They only work with traceable and 100% vegetarian ingredients. “I don’t cook with eggs or gelatine so vegetarian brides can enjoy an organic, healthy, and guilt free wedding, knowing everyone can enjoy the desserts.” With an absence of alcohol and eggs , The Indian Dessert company’s treats are also ideal for Islamic weddings.

Logistically, The Indian Dessert company takes on orders from upwards of 30. The desserts can be picked up from their kitchens in London or delivered directly to your event venue. The Indian Dessert company will liaise with your caterers prior to your event about the most sophisticated way to serve the desserts.

As numerous delighted brides will testify, your guests will thank you for treating them to the sweetly exotic, seductive and deliciously indulgent fusion of flavours that’s accessible for the British palate, and yet still resolutely Indian – exclusively from the Indian Dessert Company.