After your magical proposal comes the conundrum of setting your Asian wedding date. This will be the first of many decisions you and your future spouse will have to make leading up to the “Big Day”

For some this is not a long process, especially if you decide on getting married on your anniversary, Valentine’s day, Christmas or New Years eve. However, for those of you who do not want to get married on these specific dates there are many factors to consider, so here is a simple guide to help you through this process of setting your Asian wedding date. escorts near me

Destination: Would you like a lavish affair in your native country? Have a glamorous Asian wedding here in London, country chic with beautiful views in a stately home? Or a whimsical beach wedding on a stunning island in the Caribbean? 

Season: Pick a season you would like to get married in according to the destination (if applicable). Would you like colourful Spring/Summer Asian wedding or a have you been dreaming of a Winter wonderland Asian wedding? How about a cozy Autumn Asian wedding with rich colours?

Note: Always research weather patterns of your chosen destination when picking the season i.e India or other Asian countries avoid monsoon season, if it’s the Caribbean avoid the hurricane season, London you will have to say a little prayer!

Venue availability: If you have an Asian wedding venue/venues in mind, check availability and coordinate between dates and timings if you are considering having two different venues for the ceremony and reception. Popular venues are sometimes booked up two years in advance specially during summer wedding season. Sometimes avoiding the popular wedding season when setting your wedding date will give you more flexibility and possibly be slightly cheaper leaving you more money to create and design a truly magical evening.

Work holidays: Work out together the best time to take off, avoiding busy periods and major projects. Also, work out how long you can both take off as you need to consider the days leading up to the wedding (specially if you don’t have a wedding planner) and after for your honeymoon. 

National and popular holidays: Setting your Asian wedding date around holidays might be convenient for you and your guests. However, there are few factors to consider:

–  Availability of the Asian wedding venue/venues as these are popular dates for Asian weddings.
–  Travel disruptions i.e If in London consider road closures for any events and so on.

National and religious events: According to Hindu tradition the lunar fortnight of “Shraadh” should be avoided for any auspicious work such as getting married or any birth ceremonies etc

Also, avoid setting your wedding date around Diwali, Ramadan or any other religious events as some venues will be booked up for Dinner and Dance nights.

Note: Any dates of Royal engagements in the city should be avoided as well, i.e. Travel disruptions caused during the Jubilee and the Royal wedding.

Sports: Bewareof setting your Asian wedding date around any sporting events. The last thing you need is your Asian wedding party emptying in to the bar area congregating around the tv or the nearest sports bar/pub to watch the cricket, Olympics, Wimbledon etc..

So there you have it, a few factors to consider when setting your Asian wedding date. Just sit back with a lovely glass of wine or a cup of tea, use our advise and start discussing!


“I’m getting married in 6 months!” “I want a dreamy, magical wedding” “I want my guests to say that my wedding was the best wedding they ever attended!” “Where do I begin?” Do these questions sound familiar? Don’t worry. Help is at hand! The Asian wedding industry has various specialists available to help you design your events and execute them with seamless perfection. bonusy bukmacherskie

My name is Rina and I am a creative design consultant specialising in Asian weddings. Many Asian brides ask me, what that means and what type of help may be useful when they are planning and executing their dream wedding. Here’s my low-down on various types of support available and why you may want to consider employing certain individuals to be part of  your ‘Asian wedding team’.

Asian Wedding Planners

Planners are ‘organisers’. They help you to ensure your wedding runs smoothly and on time. A planner can help you organise the schedules, source suppliers, negotiate prices, manage budgets, manage the venue and organise the logistics of your big day.

Planners also help you to source reliable suppliers which align with your budget and vision for your Asian Wedding. It’s important to remember that planners aren’t there to make sure you get the cheapest deals but they will ensure that you’re getting value for money.

Ideally, your wedding planner will have certain character traits and look out for these when booking. They’ll be calm, collected, quick on their feet, organised, responsive, diplomatic, resourceful, and knowledgeable and a good problem solver.

Asian Wedding Stylists

Stylists are  the ‘creative’ people. Stylists will help you to make your vision a reality. They are the ideas people who will steer you on choosing outfits, décor, stationary, themes, colours, flowers and anything else ‘pretty’ that is needed to create a visual wow factor for your big day.

If you bring on a stylist from the outset, the stylist can help to ensure that everything on your wedding day fits into your chosen theme and reflects your personality and the dreams you’ve carried all these years!

The creative element of an Asian wedding stylist often stems from personal skill-sets that they already have e.g. they may have skills in hair and beauty or floristry. It’s important to explore this with your stylist if you do want them to be hands-on and help to you not only design but also create.

Stylists can be hired throughout the planning process but are typically sought at the earlier stages when the couple require inspiration or have ideas and don’t know how to bring it all together to make the day special and memorable.

Combined Skills

You may actually find that your Asian wedding planner is also a great wedding stylist. Since they’re working in the Asian wedding industry every day, they will pick up many creative ideas. However, if it’s important for your planner to also have stylist skills, make sure you ask the question. Some planners may not have the creative edge and stylists may not be ideal at managing your vendors and event(s).

Do I really need a  wedding planner and/or stylist?

That’s entirely your call and many couples will forego both of these options when they put together their ‘wedding team’. The primary benefit of adding a ‘planner’ or a ‘stylist’ is to ensure you have someone available who can help you when you’re too busy, or stuck for inspiration, or don’t have the time to research and coordinate the various aspects of your Asian wedding.

In essence, if some of the statements below describe how you feel, it might be worth exploring the option of hiring a wedding planner/stylist:

  1. I don’t have any time to bring my vision for my Asian wedding together
  2. I have so many different ideas but I don’t know what will work well logistically for my wedding
  3. I won’t be there to orchestrate the wedding on the day and can’t rely on my friends and family to execute my wedding as I want it
  4. I don’t know where to start with the planning of my wedding
  5. I wonder where I should go to source the key vendors for my Asian wedding


Are you considering a destination Asian wedding? Over the past five years, one in six couples (280,000 in total) have tied the knot overseas, an increase of almost 20% compared to 10 years ago. From exotic beaches in Thailand and Mexico to royal palaces in India, historic castles in Italy to the rugged scenic backdrop of mountains in Oman – if you are thinking of getting married abroad, there is a destination for everyone.

The Pros and Cons of a Destination Asian Wedding Abroad

Has the idea of an exotic destination Asian wedding abroad always appealed to you? You are not alone; over the past five years, one in six couples in the UK (280,000 in total) have tied the knot overseas, an increase of almost 20% compared to 10 years ago.!

From exotic beaches in Thailand to majestic palaces in India, romantic villas in Italy to the breathtaking scenic backdrop of Oman – if you are thinking of getting married abroad, there is a destination for everyone.

But is a destination Asian wedding abroad, the right decision for you and your fiancé?  In this article we weight up the pro’s and cons of a destination Asian wedding abroad to help you make an informed decision. Let’s look at some of the advantages first.

You will have a totally unique unforgettable Asian wedding

Hosting a destination Asian wedding is a sure way to guarantee that your wedding will stand out from the rest. Even if your guests have been to a wedding in the same area before, the sheer choice of resorts and hotels abroad will ensure that your celebration has it’s own unique character.

Smaller, Intimate and more Relaxed
Getting married abroad eliminates the big fat Asian wedding gathering and allows the couple to enjoy a much more intimate affair with their close family and friends. Everyone is on vacation, allowing the couple to spend quality time with their guests in a much more relaxed surrounding.

Great Weather
The perfect Asian wedding needs the perfect weather! Seeing as there is virtually no guarantee in the UK of great weather, it’s no surprise that guaranteed sunshine is at the top of the list when couples think about a foreign destination to host their wedding. You will be able to exchange your vows in the open air and celebrate your special day in tropical climes regardless of the time of year you choose to get married.

Not necessarily the pricier option
It shocks many to know that getting married abroad can actually work out to be cheaper than getting married in the UK! Less people attending your Asian wedding inevitably means less expense per head. Many couples buy their own tickets and pay for all the wedding related expenses, but it’s acceptable for the guests to pay their own way to the location and for their accommodation.

For some a destination Asian wedding can be an opportunity to cut costs and save money. However high end Asian wedding markets and luxury wedding locations such as Oman, Mauritius, and Hawaii– all offer top-notch venues, the best in food, drink, flowers etc but the price of these key inputs to your wedding will be far more expensive than in the UK.

In addition if you decide to be extra generous and cover travel and/or accommodation costs for guests you could really push up the cost of your Asian wedding.

Absent Friends
Not all your family and friends will be able to fly out to your chosen exotic destination. Older family or those with small children may not be able to travel long distances. Some may not even be able to afford to travel abroad or be able to take the time off work to go further afield. This may mean that some of your nearest and dearest will have to miss out on your big day.

Before choosing a destination for your Asian wedding, we highly advise that you to do your research and list the countries that will allow you to have a legally binding marriage ceremony and those that won’t. The requirements in every country that need to be met in order for a marriage to be legal are different. For example, to get legally married in India requires the couple to be in the country for 30 days prior to their wedding.


With an ever-increasing number of Asian Weddings being inter-faith and inter-cultural, couples need to find new and unique ways to adapt traditional Asian weddings traditions, combining them with different flavours and customs to create a wonderfully distinctive celebration that says “you” on every level. Your Dream Shaadi, UK’s Elite Online Asian Wedding Magazine shares a few tips with our readers.

  • Respect, respect, respect. Your spouse-to-be probably has some pretty strong ideas about what’s traditionally supposed to be in a wedding, as do you. Do what you can to incorporate both of your traditions, religions and cultures in a respectful manner. It may make the ceremony last a little longer than usual, but who cares? Your wedding will not only be inclusive, it will be memorable to your guests. And isn’t that what you ultimately want?
  • Dual ceremonies: As beautiful as we think fusion ceremonies are, if both cultures cannot be comfortably accommodated in one ceremony, it is possible to hold two ceremonies, which can be held either on the same day, the next day or a week apart. It can be expensive, but often the best way of bridging the gap between two religions and avoiding offence to either family.
  • Food for thought. Be imaginative with your catering, have food, which represents both your cultures, go for a fusion cuisine menu or go all out with a multi cuisine buffet so there’s something for everyone. If there are any foods that offend a particular cultural tradition – ensure that this can be served in a discrete way that will not upset either family, particularly elderly family members. An experienced Asian wedding caterer will be able to offer you loads of options on how to blend two cultures in one menu.
  • Fusion fashions. By having your wedding outfit’s custom made with a local bridal wear designer, you can create a truly stunning outfit that incorporates both family’s cultures. Ideas often explored are an English wedding dress, adorned with eastern embroidery or an eastern lengha (corset, long skirt and stole) styled in western fabrics and embroidery. Men can opt for a sherwani (long jacket with a Nehru collar), worn with a waistcoat, wing collared shirt and cravat for a truly dashing and debonair look.
  • Décor & Theming. Mixed marriages present the opportunity to be truly imaginative with your wedding décor and themes. Experiment with silk drapes, flowers, lighting effects and chair covers and props like pillars, indoor fountains, statues and floating candle urns to create a theme that merges together both your cultures. (Check out some of the fantastic Asian wedding decor companies in our directory who will be able to transform your wedding venue into an ethereal wonderland)
  • Music & Entertainment. Try and merge the two cultures by experimenting with various types of music. Choose music that is a sure hit across the board. up beat chart music, salsa, bhangra and Arab music usually go down a treat, regardless of the culture of your guests and you could really spice things up by having a live dance class for any unfamiliar music genres to keep the guests entertained. Other creative ideas include a jazz band or string quartet playing western pieces and, for example, Bollywood or middle eastern tunes.


There’s no two ways about it, every Asian Bride needs one, no matter how organised she is or how wonderful her Asian Wedding Planner is.

We are of course talking about your bridal emergency kit and it should be your bridesmaid’s job to ensure that it is packed and makes it’s way to the wedding venue. So what exactly should a bridal emergency kit include? Here’s our rough guide:

  • mini sewing kit with scissors, needle, threads (that match your lengha or saree), extra buttons, safety pins, etc
  • Scissors: There’s always something that needs cutting, whether it be loose threads or the price tag left on a lengha or sherwani.
  • Super glue – very handy if your high heels break right as you are walking into your ceremony or reception
  • Hair stuff, bobby pins, hair spray, hair brush and the like.
  • Stain remover: With wine, champagne, wedding cake and that wonderful Asian wedding catering making their way into some very clumsy hands, this should hopefully need no explanation
  • Something for headaches: Paracetamol, Aspirin or your private head masseuse — whatever works for you when that stress headache rears it’s ugly head.
  • USB drive: A usb memory stick drive with files of all your important documents — speeches, vows, schedules, supplier contacts etc.
  • Mouth wash, chewing gum and deoderant to keep you fresh throughout the day
  • Makeup kit – ask your Asian makeup artist to prepare a top up kit in case your makeup needs retouching after she leaves
  • Mobile phone charger – last but definitely not least!

As always, there’s more to come, so if you haven’t already done so, join our mailing list below to be kept in the loop of our incredibly useful (we hope you’ll agree!) Asian wedding planning tips.


If there’s one thing that defines contemporary British Asian wedding it’s originality. Asian Brides are becoming more and more discerning and creative and rejecting ideas that are “samey” and run of the mill, ensuring that their weddings bear a stamp of originality – and rightly so.

Whilst Asian Brides and Grooms are increasingly spoilt for choice with many aspects of their wedding, desserts have remained a terrain characterised by a lack of imagination with many couples (and wedding guests) bemoaning the standardised choices on offer.

Spotting a niche in the market for unique desserts for Asian weddings, Gopi Patel -owner of The Indian Dessert Company- has come up trumps with a unique range of fusion desserts that incorporate western flavours with an Indian twist and has already been a hit with brides to be.

As a Wedding Planner Gopi observed that many brides lamented the restricted dessert options presented to them by their wedding caterers – usually Gajjar Halwa or Kulfi! She observed that Asians brought up in the UK, had acquired a taste for european desserts like cheesecake, ice cream and tarts, yet also had a taste for the flavours used in Indian sweets.

Taking the best of both worlds, she has created a luxury dessert concept for Asian Weddings that focuses entirely on Eastern-Western fusion desserts; Says Gopi “The Indian Dessert Company works with classic English recipes and evolves them with flair in order to provide the bride and groom more variety and personality to their wedding menu” – Explains Gopi- “For those who want a wedding menu with a wow factor, a contemporary dessert with an Indian twist from the Indian Dessert Company is the way to go”.

The heart and soul of “The Indian Dessert Company” is that Asian twist infused into classic English desserts. Some of their signature creations include Cardamom cheesecake with ginger or rose syrup, Chocolate covered Coconut Jamuns, Chocolate and orange spiced tarts and Coconut lime granita with coconut snaps

The Indian Dessert Company will also work with individual requests to create bespoke desserts that match brides and grooms personal tastes: As long as the request is innovative, unique and goes along with the ethos of the company, Gopi where possible, tailors her sweet creations to her clients needs.

Apart from her original approach to the Indian sweets cuisine, The Indian Dessert Company’s appeal lies in their ingredients and their ability to cater different Asian dietary restrictions. They only work with traceable and 100% vegetarian ingredients. “I don’t cook with eggs or gelatine so vegetarian brides can enjoy an organic, healthy, and guilt free wedding, knowing everyone can enjoy the desserts.” With an absence of alcohol and eggs , The Indian Dessert company’s treats are also ideal for Islamic weddings.

Logistically, The Indian Dessert company takes on orders from upwards of 30. The desserts can be picked up from their kitchens in London or delivered directly to your event venue. The Indian Dessert company will liaise with your caterers prior to your event about the most sophisticated way to serve the desserts.

As numerous delighted brides will testify, your guests will thank you for treating them to the sweetly exotic, seductive and deliciously indulgent fusion of flavours that’s accessible for the British palate, and yet still resolutely Indian – exclusively from the Indian Dessert Company.

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